Legal Arizona World Cup Betting

With possibly the largest sporting event in the world occurring every four years, it's no surprise that people get excited in the anticipation of legal Arizona World Cup Betting. Though Americans are generally not seen as soccer viewers, we put aside that notion and give support to our footballers that represent the country (when they actually qualify). Sports betting in Arizona has been approved, and this includes World Cup betting.

If you are unsure of how to get started betting on the World Cup, don’t let that lack of knowledge prohibit you from enjoying the worldwide soccer spectacle. On this page, we will cover all of the basics when it comes to wagering on soccer as well as provide locations that offer betting lines for you to review and possibly take. The use of offshore betting sites provides more luxuries than you could imagine. With their long-standing reputable business practices and reliability of paying you your winnings, there is so much to gain – even more so when you use one of the promo codes we provide for an additional bonus.

Where To Bet On The World Cup In Arizona

As we stated before, land-based options for sports betting in Arizona do not exist. Unless you are willing to travel to nearby Nevada or across the country to Mississippi, West Virginia, or the Mid-Atlantic Region, using an online betting site is your only option. We recommend using Bovada and BetOnline as their years of experience and customer satisfaction are some of the highest in the business.

Bovada - Hundreds Of Lines On The World Cup

Bovada SportsbookBovada is one of the most trusted US-friendly sportsbooks that offer World Cup betting odds. The online sportsbook has all of the standard soccer lines, we discussed above as well as prop bets and futures. You can access their site from your mobile device or from your computer. But either way, check out their live betting section, where you can bet on the World Cup live in real time! Sign up today with Bovada and receive up to a $250 welcoming bonus. Without a promo code, they will match your very first deposit by 50%, so what do you have to lose?

BetOnline - Inflated 2023 FIFA World Cup Odds

BetOnline Sports BettingEach sports betting site is different and the odds at BetOnline will be different than Bovada’s. Use this discrepancy to determine the best choice for betting on the World Cup. BetOnline is the leader in accepting cryptocurrency, so if you have Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, or DASH, consider transferring it over to your betting account. If you do, BetOnline will match your first deposit by 100%, up to $1,000. Just use the code CRYPTO100 and you will instantly see your options for betting double.

Best Arizona Sports Betting Sites - 100% Trusted + Safe
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BetOnline Sportsbook50% Up To $1,000 VISA, Bitcoin, Cash Wire
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Is It Legal To Bet On The World Cup In The USA?

This is a two-part question. Each state has its own ability to permit and regulate a sports wagering industry. While some states have taken this measure, others are slowly coming around to the idea or refusing to engage in gambling expansion. However, wagering online with an offshore betting site is not considered illegal in nearly every state and the ones that have outlawed it, do not police the matter.

As long as you are using a well-reviewed site that is licensed by their home country, you will not come across any problems as laws are focused more on operating a sports betting business. The sites we recommend are Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, and BetDSI due to their excellent customer service, a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, and promotions that keep you smiling.

Ways to Bet On The 2023 FIFA World Cup

Whether you are looking to wager on just one game or the entire tournament, there is a variety of betting options to understand before laying your money down. Though there is no perfect strategy, we will assist you in just learning the basic styles so you are not confused when signing up with an online sportsbook. The most common wagering types are straight-up betting, spread betting, and total goals scored betting.

Straight-Up Betting On The World Cup

The easiest style of wagering is definitely straight-up betting, also known as betting the moneyline. In this format, you simply select which team you believe will win the game. That’s it! This is what it will look like on a betting site:

  • France -175 vs Germany +150

In this example, France is the team that is favored, as indicated by the minus (-) sign, and Germany is the team that is the underdog, as indicated by the plus (+) sign. The three-digit number next to those symbols is what’s called the moneyline, which is a ratio for $100. In this case, betting $175 on France would profit you $100, while betting $100 on Germany would profit you $150, should your team of choice win. Keep in mind this is just a ratio, as sites will post varying minimums and maximums that you must adhere to – but never require you to risk or win $100.

Betting The FIFA World Cup Spread In Arizona

Instead of choosing which team you believe will win, you can choose to select which team will win, in regards to the handicap they were given. Every game, no matter the sport, is given a spread, which indicates how many points the favorite is expected to win by. You would see a bet on the spread look like this:

  • Portugal -1.5 (-110) vs England +1.5 (-110)

As you can see, Portugal is expected to win this match, but they must win by 2 goals or more for the bet to be successful. Meanwhile, betting on England would require a victory for the team or a loss of fewer than 2 goals. Spreads may contain whole numbers or halved numbers but bookmakers generally favor posting halved. When a whole number is chosen and is the actual result of the contest, this is considered a push and all money is returned to the gambler.

World Cup Totals Betting

Sometimes you will come across a betting line that you have no idea who will win, but you may want to still take some action on it. In this case, consider betting on the total goals scored. This is another simple wager that only requires you to select an over and an under. A total bet would look like this:

  • USA vs Spain O/U 3.5 (-110)

As simple as it seems is as simple as it is. Will this game score more than 3 goals? Select the over. Will it score less? Select the under. Like spread betting, the moneyline will generally be -110. This is the price for the majority of wagers, where wagering $110 would profit you $100. That extra $10 is considered the juice or the vigorish, which is the sportsbooks cut for accepting your wager.