Legal Arizona Super Bowl Betting

Legal Arizona Super Bowl BettingArizona has a lot of options for those looking to bet on the Super Bowl. There are several online sports betting in Arizona options available, as well as retail locations that offer odds. In fact, the Arizona Cardinals host an in-stadium sportsbook at State Farm Stadium. Online sportsbooks are the most popular option for Super Bowl betting in Arizona. During SB LVI, Arizona online sportsbooks saw over $500 million in wagers thanks to fans betting on the Big Game. The Super Bowl can be wagered on legally at a number of commercial Arizona sportsbooks alongside popular legal sports betting sites. There is no shortage of action when it comes to betting on the Super Bowl in Arizona.

The Best Arizona Super Bowl Sportsbooks

Arizona Super Bowl betting is available year-round, because as soon as the Super Bowl ends, odds for next season are available. Online sportsbooks not only provide bets involving the game but from other events surrounding the Super Bowl. There are a lot of Super Bowl bonuses that will be offered to both new and current account holders, making the Super Bowl a great time to sign up at any online sportsbook. However, given that betting on the big game is available all year, you can sign up at any time to place futures bets on teams such as the Arizona Cardinals. These sportsbooks are the best Scottsdale sportsbooks.

Where To Bet On The Super Bowl In Arizona

Naturally, as the big game approaches, AZ residents are going to want to know exactly where to bet on the Super Bowl in Arizona. After all, when it comes to legal online sportsbooks, you have literally hundreds of sites and services to choose from. Of course, most of these are untested, unreliable, or untrustworthy scams without any positive track record to speak of. As such, it makes good sense to limit your legal Arizona Super Bowl betting to established services with years of experience and the top-notch reputations to match.

The very best online sportsbooks for legal AZ Super Bowl betting are Bovada, SportsBetting, BetOnline, BetDSI, and BookMaker. These are the best, most trusted brands in the business, and they all go the extra mile to make their customers comfortable, safe, and happy. Join any of the betting shops before the big game, and fair lines, valuable bonuses, and timely payouts await.

Arizona Super Bowl Betting At Bovada

Bovada SportsbookIf you’re only going to join one sportsbook to make your legal AZ Super Bowl wagers, you should join Bovada. Bovada is one of the oldest, most respected trendsetters in the industry, and they’ve never missed even a single payout to any of their millions of customers. Even better, if you sign up for legal Arizona Super Bowl betting at Bovada right now, you’ll get a number of perks you can apply to the big game, like a $250 Sports Welcome Bonus, a $5000 Bitcoin Welcome Bonus, and membership in the Bovada Rewards program.

AZ Super Bowl Betting At SportsBetting

SportsBetting SportsbookAs one of the biggest sportsbooks on the entire Internet, SportsBetting is a longtime player in the space. They’ve got a great mobile interface that makes legal Arizona Super Bowl betting a quick, simple exercise, and they have a whole host of new-member bonuses. You can get a 50% Welcome Bonus if you enter the promo code SB1000 into the cashier at checkout. A minimum deposit of $25.00 is required to qualify for this bonus and it is important to note that this bonus works only on your first qualifying deposit.

Arizona residents that use Bitcoin can also get a 100% Bitcoin Bonus when you enter the promo code 100CRYPTO into the cashier at checkout. A minimum deposit of $20.00 is required to qualify for this deposit. This bonus only works for first-ever deposits and can only be used once. This bonus is great for Arizona residents that use Bitcoin often. Make sure to check out Sportsbetting’s Bitcoin bonus to join in on the fun.

MyBookie Super Bowl Betting In Arizona

My Bookie SportsbookMyBookie Super Bowl betting in Arizona is something plenty of bettors look forward to every year. Just like other big sporting events, there will be numerous amount of prop bets there for players to dive into if they want to make some good money. The Super Bowl weekend is bigger than just the game. There is so much going on that weekend that bonuses and promotions will be in there as apart of MyBookie all month long heading up to the biggest game of the season. Players only have to be 18 and older to sign up and it only takes a few minutes to create an account. Once the account is created, Super Bowl bets and other sporting event wager options will pop up. The features like mobile betting and live betting are the top two that players should check out because there will be a lot of Super Bowl features added!

Best Arizona Sports Betting Sites - 100% Trusted + Safe
Bovada Sportsbook50% Up To $250VISA + Wire Transfer
BetOnline Sportsbook50% Up To $1,000 VISA, Bitcoin, Cash Wire
MyBookie Sportsbook50% New Member Bonus!VISA, Bitcoin
Xbet Sportsbook100% Up To $300 VISA, Bitcoin
Sportsbetting Sportsbook50% Up To $1,000 Bitcoin, Wire Xfer, VISA

Legal Super Bowl Wager Types

Before you’re ready to bet on the marquee football game of the year, you need to make sure to familiarize yourself with all the legal Super Bowl wager types available across the various online sportsbooks and betting shops. However, if you’ve ever gambled on sports before, you won’t have much trouble understanding all your options for the Game of Games.
You’ll be able to place spread bets, straight up bets, totals (a.k.a. over/unders), individual and team prop bets, and a whole slew of other wagers. The only real difference between Super Bowl wager types and regular season NFL bets is in the number of bets available. A contest of this magnitude, with bettors from all over the world tuning in and spending big, means that legal online sportsbooks benefit greatly by adding more lines and raising each gambler’s individual limits.

The Super Bowl Moneyline

No matter which service provider you use to place your wagers, every legal Arizona Super Bowl betting menu will be predicated on the same system: the US moneyline. Understanding the moneyline will help you know exactly how much each bet costs to play and how much cash you stand to earn on a winning ticket.

Simply put, the moneyline works like this: Each bet will have a positive or negative number beside it – usually in parentheses – that indicates the ratio of its risk-to-reward. In a given contest, the favorite will have a negative moneyline, which represents how much money you must wager to win $100. The underdog, on the other hand, has a positive moneyline, showing how much money you stand to win on a $100 bet.

Super Bowl Point Spread Bets

Like regular point spreads (which happen to be the most common wager types in all of professional and amateur sport), Super Bowl point spread bets are set up to give the weaker team a kind of “head start” on the scoreboard. With spread betting, points are “taken” from the favorite and “given” to the underdog. Thus, a typical Super Bowl point spread bet might look like this:

  • New Orleans Saints +3.5 (-110) vs. New England Patriots -3.5 (-110)

Here, the Saints are 3.5-point underdogs to the New England Patriots, so the Pats – to actually win the bet – have to win the game by 4 or more points. Conversely, the Saints can lose this hypothetical Super Bowl by up to 3 points and still win for wagering purposes. Spread bets are designed to maximize action on a given gamble, and sportsbooks typically try to get an equal amount of money on both sides (which maximizes the house take, or the “vig”).

Super Bowl Straight Up Betting

The next most popular wager variety for the big game is Super Bowl straight up betting. With straight betting, there is no handicapping involved, and legal Arizona Super Bowl betting fans simply pick a winner. However, since that’s often too easy, betting shops will significantly sweeten the pot for the underdog by offering a much better payout should said lesser team win:

  • Jacksonville Jaguars (+135) vs. Philadelphia Eagles (-170)

In this example, the underdog Jaguars pay out $135 on a $100 bet. The Eagles, as the perceived stronger team, pay out a mere $100 on a $170 bet. All straight moneyline bets of this type are designed to equalize wagers on both sides by enticing enough bettors to take the underdog’s hefty payout possibility. So if you ever think the underdog in a given matchup is actually primed to win the game outright, you’ll want to place a straight bet rather than a spread bet.

The Super Bowl Totals Bet

The last of the “big three” Super Bowl betting types is the Super Bowl totals bet. With totals betting, there is no real consideration for who wins or loses the contest; the only thing that matters is the combined total score at the end of the game. For any given matchup, your legal online sportsbook of choice will pick a number, and your job is to simply select whether the final total score will be greater than (over) or less than (under) that number. For this reason, totals betting is often called over/under betting.

  • Minnesota Vikings vs. Kansas City Chiefs O/U 53.5

In this over/under Super Bowl bet, if the Vikings and Chiefs combine to score 54 or more points, the “over” bet wins. If, however, they combine to score 53 points or fewer, then the “under” bet wins. (Note: The half-point increment used by most betting shops is designed to avoid a “push,” where all action on both sides of the wager are refunded as if the bet never happened. This is an undesirable outcome, as it means the sportsbooks lose their cut of the action.)

Super Bowl Player Prop Betting

One of the most standout differences between Super Bowl betting and regular season football betting is how legal online sportsbooks handle proposition bets. Unlike a standard ballgame, Super Bowl player prop betting offers dozens of more wagers on the performances of individual players. You’ll be able to put money on how many touchdowns a quarterback will toss, how many sacks a DB will tally, how many receptions a wideout will haul in, how many field goals a placekicker will put through the uprights, and loads more.

Super Bowl Team Prop Betting

The big game also features a lot more team prop bets than standard NFL fare usually offers. Like individual props, Super Bowl team prop betting is based on in-game performances. However, instead of being set on a player-by-player basis, Super Bowl team props are based on the collective performances of offenses, defenses, and special teams units. With SB team props, you can wager on how many yards the offense will account for, how many takeaways the defense will snatch up, the time of possession totals on both sides of the ball, the number of penalties either team might commit, and much more.

In-Game Super Bowl Bets

If it seems like you have an overwhelming amount of legal Arizona Super Bowl betting available to you at online sportsbooks and Internet betting shops, you do. But you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. That’s because in-game Super Bowl bets significantly expand your wagering opportunities.

With in-game Super Bowl bets, the wagering action doesn’t stop upon kickoff. Because all the top online betting shops have state-of-the-art sites that allow for real-time gambling updates, members are able to wager on a constantly-changing betting board of in-game, live SB bets. Such live wagering allows legal Arizona Super Bowl betting to massively expand its footprint, as gamers can lay money on the various possible outcomes of literally every single snap, down, and drive.

Mobile Super Bowl Betting Apps For AZ Residents

If you’re looking to spend winter in the desert watching the biggest football game of the year, you’ll probably want to use only the best mobile Super Bowl betting apps for AZ residents. Unfortunately, due to Apple’s and Google’s corporate policies, none of the best legal online sportsbooks actually have apps on the App Store or in Google Play.

That said, you can get an approximate experience by using these books’ mobile Internet portals. Just visit Bovada, SportsBetting, and the rest of the best on your iPhone or Android handset, and you’ll automatically be forwarded to your favorite sportsbook’s mobile, small-screen-optimized website. There, browsing for bets and placing wagers on the Super Bowl is super easy, quick, and safe. In fact, mobile Super Bowl betting is fundamentally more secure than using your desktop or laptop computer, and you can do it from anywhere!

Legal Arizona Super Bowl Betting FAQs

Will AZ Residents Be Arrested For Betting On The Super Bowl?

Even though there are federal laws in place against taking sports bets (Wire Act, UIGEA), AZ residents cannot be arrested for betting on the Super Bowl as long as they stick with using foreign-based legal online sportsbooks like Bovada, SportsBetting, etc. Additionally, there are no provisions anywhere in the Arizona Revised Statutes that mention placing sports bets online or off, so no matter the jurisdiction, you’re free to enjoy legal Arizona Super Bowl betting.

What Other Sportsbooks Should I Use For Legal Arizona Super Bowl Betting?

None. Seriously. Using a legal online sportsbook is only safe and secure if you use a trusted service provider. The reality is that the vast majority of sports betting websites out there simply haven’t got the pedigree to earn your business, and there is no recourse if such a book doesn’t pay out what it owes.

However, legitimate, tried-and-true sites like Bovada, SportsBetting, etc. have all withstood the test of time, and their customer retention rates don’t lie. If you actually want to pocket the money you earn through legal Arizona Super Bowl betting, you need to sign up with a trusted, big-time sportsbook. Gambling is risky enough without also gambling on your betting shop.

How Do I Deposit Into My Legal Super Bowl Betting Account?

There are many deposit methods available for putting money into your legal Arizona Super Bowl betting account. However, each method has its pros and cons, and most AZ residents probably want their funds available to bet with ASAP. To that end, the best deposit method available to the biggest majority of users is Visa or Mastercard. (Bitcoin, for those invested in the platform, is probably the best choice overall, however.)

Credit and debit charges are more or less instantaneous, and the associated fees are small when compared to the charges incurred by selecting more traditional methods like wire transfers, money orders, personal checks, and so on. Bear in mind, too, that these traditional methods all take much longer to clear, often pending for two weeks before showing up in your sportsbook account.

How Do I Withdraw My Legal Arizona Super Bowl Betting Winnings?

Withdrawals tend to take a long time, primarily because you cannot typically use credit/debit chargebacks to quickly transfer your payouts to your private bank account. Most users, then, are relegated to paper-type transfers (bank transfers, money orders, courier checks, etc.) which can take up to 10 days to clear.

However, there is an alternative: Bitcoin. If you use a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin (or Litecoin), both deposits and withdrawals are fast and easy, and you can have both types of transactions go through within a matter of minutes. All things considered, if you’re willing to take the cryptocurrency route, there is no easier way to manage your legal Arizona Super Bowl betting funds.

Do I Have To Claim My Legal AZ Super Bowl Winnings On My Taxes?

Yes. After all, what’s the point of engaging in legal Arizona Super Bowl betting if you’re just going to let the IRS take everything away via some sort of non-disclosure penalty? Like any other income, you need to report your sports wagering winnings and pay the appropriate taxes on them. Use IRS Form W-2G and Form 1040 to fully disclose all of your gambling winnings.