Prescott Sportsbooks

Prescott SportsbooksYou may have heard about the recent Supreme Court Decision to dismiss the federal ban on sports betting. Known as the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), this law has been the only thing standing in the way of legislation that would promote the opening of Prescott Sportsbooks, as well as legal sports betting in Arizona.

For 26 years, PASPA prevented lawmakers in the Grand Canyon State from legalizing and regulating sportsbooks in cities like Prescott. Now that it has been repealed, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act can no longer prevent Prescott Sportsbooks from opening up. Now, lawmakers can decide for themselves whether they want to have sports betting in the Copper State, which judging from the current attitude of the legislature in AZ, they do.

Sports betting in Arizona won’t happen overnight, but it will happen sooner rather than later. To get ahead of the craziness that is sure to follow, we’ve put together this page so that you can fully understand everything about legal sports betting in AZ, as well as any potential Prescott Sportsbooks. These books will more than likely be housed in established local gambling venues, like the two casinos off of highway 69.

When these Prescott Sportsbooks do open, they’ll be able to offer full-service sports betting to residents. You’ll want to know which book is going to have the best action, of course, which is why we’ve previewed these Prescott Sportsbooks so that you can decide for yourself which is the very best for Arizona Super Bowl bets.

When it comes to being the best sportsbooks in Prescott, AZ, land-based Prescott Sportsbooks have a little competition – online, offshore sportsbooks have been in the game much longer, and may very well end up being the best sports betting option in the area. You’ll find all that out and more on this Prescott Sportsbooks page.

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Is Sports Betting Currently Legal In Prescott?

As of this moment, sports betting is not currently legal in Prescott, AZ. But we don’t expect that to be the case for very much longer. Now that there are no federal restrictions standing in the way of state-sponsored sports betting, Arizona lawmakers have already announced their intentions to fight for legal sports betting in the Grand Canyon State.

Chief among these lawmakers is Senator Sonny Borrelli, who proposed legislative action on sports betting during the 2018 session. Although nothing came of his proposal, Borrelli is not backing down. The Senator believes that legal sportsbooks in Prescott and elsewhere in Arizona are key to helping fund deficits in the state budget, specifically when it comes to funding K-12 education.

He and other like-minded senators have already introduced sports betting bills in the following legislative sessions since the repeal of PASPA. While none of these bills have grasped the support of the Native American tribes in the state or passed, negotiations with the tribes may change that outcome in the future. That may seem like a long time to wait for legal Prescott Sportsbooks to open at land-based locations, but there are options that you have for legal sports betting in Arizona that are available right now.

We’re talking about online, offshore sportsbooks. These websites are perfectly legal alternatives to land-based sportsbooks in Prescott. While you’re waiting for legislative action that may take years to enact, online sportsbooks are the best sportsbooks in Prescott, AZ for you. There’s no point in missing out on any of action for the upcoming seasons. We recommend using sites like Bovada, or BetOnline. These sites are at the top of the online sports betting community, and we only recommend the best for sports betting in Arizona.

Is There An Age Restriction At Prescott Sportsbooks?

Yes, there is an age restriction at Prescott Sportsbooks, and it is the same as you would find for any casino in the area. The legal gambling age in Arizona for pari-mutuel wagering, bingo, lottery, and casino gambling is 21, and we figure lawmakers are going to keep it the same across the board when it comes to sports betting in AZ. Online, offshore sportsbooks recommend that you go by the legal age requirements in your area because if you are caught gambling underage, you face fines and other legal action, which could include having to give up all of your sports betting winnings to the state. Do you really want to risk that?

Best Sportsbooks In Prescott

A part of the city of Prescott contains lands that belong to the Yavapai-Prescott Reservation. This proximity to A part of the city of Prescott contains lands that belong to the Yavapai-Prescott Reservation. This proximity to Prescott allowed the Tribe to open two casinos within these city limits, which is where we believe the best Prescott Sportsbooks would be opening up. Below you’ll find reviews of both casinos, along with previews of what we believe you should expect from Prescott’s top Sportsbooks. Once they open, we’ll update these reviews, but it’s not our opinion that matters – it’s yours. So you’ll have to tell us which one you think is the absolute best sportsbook in Prescott, Arizona after you visit them.

Until they open, remember that you can use online, offshore sportsbooks for all of your Arizona sports betting needs. Your computer is housed in Prescott, so just think of these as online Prescott Sportsbooks. And who knows? Maybe these websites will actually end up being Prescott’s best sportsbooks, over the land-based options at Bucky’s Casino and the Yavapai Casino. These casinos can be found on either side of Highway 69.

Bucky’s Casino

Bucky’s has hundreds of the best slot machines you’ll find in West-Central Arizona. Here you’ll be able to play all of the classics as well as the latest games, in any increment you want, ranging from penny slots up to $5 spins. Find live blackjack action in Bucky’s private, non-smoking room, where there are over 80 tables operating your favorite table games. Enjoy weekly and monthly poker tournaments as well, featuring favorites like high/low Omaha and no limit Texas Hold’Em.

When Prescott Sportsbooks open, Bucky’s is sure to have a great venue set up and ready for bettors. Their spacious casino floor will be home to one of the best sports betting locations in Arizona. Action on NFL, NBA, MLB and more will be available in your own backyard, with no need to worry about missing out on your favorite games.

Yavapai Casino

The Yavapai Casino sportsbook is located off of Highway 69. You’ll be able to find a large selection of mega-slot machines that are sure to blow you away. The Yavapai Casino’s weekly jackpots include drawings for cash, prizes, and free plays. You’ll be able to find a selection of the best table games in Arizona right here at this casino, along with a smoke-free poker room hosting tournaments all year long.

When the Sportsbook at the Yavapai Casino opens, expect it to be simple, and straight to the point, just like the no-nonsense casino its housed in. The well-trained staff will be able to help you place almost any bet you can think of. The coverage by this Prescott book will be full-service, meaning that every professional event you can think of should have lines on it at this Prescott Sportsbook.