Scottsdale Sportsbooks

If state lawmakers take the correct actions, Arizona bettors may be able to find all the action they can handle once the newly minted Scottsdale sportsbooks open for business. Arizona residents are widely recognized as being some of the most dedicated sports bettors in the entire United States but you may be wondering how these sportsbooks would be able to open.

Recent actions taken by the Supreme Court of the United States have opened new doors for states like Arizona after they repealed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in May of 2018. This removed all federal roadblocks standing in the way of sports betting in Arizona, giving Arizona lawmakers the opportunity to legalize sports betting and open the door for sportsbooks in Scottsdale.

With the ability to bet right in your own backyard, you will find that traveling to Nevada will soon be obsolete. But which sportsbooks in Scottsdale truly deserve the title of the best Arizona sports betting facility? We did the hard work for you and with our speculative reviews of the local gambling venues in the state of Arizona, you’ll be able to find everything you need to know right here on this page for Arizona Super Bowl betting.

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How To Bet On The NFL In Scottsdale

NFL LogoMany Scottsdale bettors are looking for ways to bet on the NFL in Scottsdale, whether they want to wager on their hometown Arizona Cardinals or other teams. The Cardinals are a young, up and coming team, and that has a lot of bettors excited in Scottsdale, but there are other fanbases represented as well. How do you wager on the NFL given the state of sports betting in Scottsdale? It’s not like traveling to out-of-state sportsbooks is a good idea right now. Luckily for you, the online sportsbooks located offshore can be a great tool for Scottsdale’s bettors. These sportsbooks allow you to wager on the NFL no matter where you are, and they’re great line setters as well. If you want to bet on the Cards, it’s hard to go wrong with one of these sportsbooks.

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Is Sports Betting Currently Legal In Scottsdale

Since there hasn’t been any legal action towards legalizing sports betting so far, local sports betting is not regulated at this moment in Arizona. The state wants to do it research and find out all the details it needs to know about sports betting before it lets it go live. There are a few casinos here but as far as operating sportsbooks, that won't happen until things get situated. Although local sportsbooks and casinos can’t take your sports bets, online sportsbooks can. This is the only option when it comes to sports betting in Arizona until some things are changed. Arizona sportsbooks are not as bad as you may think. With better betting lines, you can win more and have multiple promotions that you can collect and use while on your online sportsbook site. There are many different betting types like live betting straight-up bet and parlay bets.

What Is The Legal Age To Bet On Sports In Scottsdale?

Just like anything else fun in the world, there is a legal age requirement for sports betting in Arizona. In order to bet on sports at Scottsdale sportsbooks, you’re going to have to be at least 21 years of age or older. This is the overarching gambling age requirement in the Grand Canyon state, so it doesn’t matter if you want to play slots or bet on the Arizona Cardinals – you’ll have to wait 'til you’re 21. Don’t think you can cheat and sign up for an online sports betting account, either. Online sportsbooks require you to adhere to your local age requirements. Penalties for gambling before you’re of legal age include having to forfeit your winnings and a lifelong ban from that book. We understand that the Cardinals are an exciting young team this year, but if they have to wait a bit to be good, you can wait a bit to bet on them.

Best Sportsbooks In Scottsdale, Arizona

When it comes to finding the best sportsbooks in Scottsdale, there’s a lot you have to look at. First, when looking at land-based sportsbooks in Scottsdale, you have to see what the casino offers. Chances are, if they offer a high-end product already, you know they’ll have that same level of service available at their sportsbook. If they’re a little seedy, well then you know what to expect as well. Right now, there are a couple of casinos in Scottsdale, but there are not any open brick and mortar sportsbooks.

When we look for the best sportsbooks in Scottsdale, AZ, we are looking for venues that have full-service betting, high wager limits, lounges with televisions and drink services, and a level of service that blows the competition out of the water. There are two venues that live up to this in Scottsdale, Arizona – The Casino Arizona and the Talking Stick Resort. Below you’ll find our reviews of their casinos, along with speculative previews of the Scottsdale Sportsbooks that will open there. As legal sports betting in Arizona makes headway, we will update this page to reflect any changes or developments.

But don’t forget, just because a sportsbook isn’t land-based doesn’t mean it can’t be one of the best sportsbooks in Scottsdale. We know that online, offshore sportsbooks that accept Arizona residents are going to be gunning for those Top Scottsdale Sportsbooks spots. We also know that they have the potential to become Scottsdale’s best sportsbooks almost immediately, for the simple fact that they are the only Scottsdale Sportsbooks up and running at the moment. Just remember that these sites are safe, fun, and a perfect way to stay in the game while you wait for land-based alternatives in your area. Basically, if you want to bet on the Cardinals right now, you can use these online sportsbooks to do so.

Casino Arizona

The Casino Arizona is one of the premier casinos in Scottsdale, providing residents and visitors alike with some of the best experiences they could possibly imagine. The highly trained staff provide a care-free stay at the hotel and make gaming a breeze whether you’re a seasoned professional or novice gambler. We believe that this top-notch casino service will translate effortlessly to their sportsbook. They’ve got over 900 slot machines, live blackjack, and bingo daily at this Casino.

Casino Arizona has one of the best rewards programs around, and their perks are to die for. You’ll get complimentary drink service while you’re gaming in their VIP lounge, discounts at dining facilities, and so much more. When Scottsdale Sportsbooks open at this particular venue, be on the lookout for a similar rewards program to be opened. The best Scottsdale Sportsbooks will be able to host full-service betting, which is already in place at Casino Arizona. This is definitely going to be the place to be when it opens.

Talking Stick Resort

The Talking Stick Resort is the go-to destination casino for a getaway with more play. The Luxurious accommodations at this hotel are exceeded only by the amazing gameplay you’ll find in their 240,000 square foot casino. With two golf courses, a spa, and Degree 270 – the hottest nightclub in Arizona – you won’t find a better place for a Scottsdale Sportsbook. When it comes to gaming, they’ve got everything from live blackjack to a high limit private poker room.

That’s not all, though. You’ll be able to place at over 700 slot machines with all of the hottest games. The Talking Stick Resort is also home to a number of lounges, bars, and restaurants that are sure to appeal to everyone. The rewards program at this high-class establishment knocks the socks off of anything we’ve seen anywhere else. This future site of a Scottsdale Sportsbook is going to be the absolute best in the business, we’d almost guarantee it.