Payson Sportsbooks

Payson SportsbooksPayson is a beautiful mountain town in the middle of the Tonto National Forest. Elevated at 5,000 feet, you’ll encounter some of the most gorgeous mountain views ever when you visit this Arizona town. You may also encounter some of the best sports betting action in Arizona when you wager at Payson Sportsbooks. You might think that you read that wrong, but you didn't. Sports betting could be making an appearance in Arizona in the next couple of years.

Lawmaker Sonny Borrelli wants to make sports betting in Arizona legal, giving residents the ability to use a state-based sportsbook rather than forcing them to cross state lines to get in on the action. He even wants to put the revenue that the state earns from legal sportsbooks in Payson and other Arizona cities towards a good cause – funding k-12 education programs and giving raises to Arizona Teachers.

Should he succeed in legalizing sports betting in Arizona, sportsbooks will more than likely begin their operations in the Native American casinos scattered throughout the state, including the one located in Payson, Arizona. Payson Sportsbooks are not only going to be some of the most successful in the state, but also the most beautiful. The best Payson Sportsbooks will offer full-service betting on every professional game out there, along with a selection of NCAA events.

There’s going to be a lot that goes into opening Payson Sportsbooks, and unfortunately, it’s going to take time. First, Payson Sportsbooks are going to have to wait for legislation to actually pass, which could take a couple of years. Next, venues are going to have to make accommodations to open physical sportsbooks in Payson. While you’re waiting for Payson’s best sportsbooks to open, though, there are definitely still options for Arizona Super Bowl bets available to you. Everything you need to know about betting at Payson Sportsbooks is going to be right here on this page.

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Is Sports Betting Currently Legal In Payson?

As of right now, no, sports betting is not legal in Payson, AZ. But we do expect that to change in the next year or so. As we mentioned earlier, there is already a Senator determined to spearhead legislation that would legalize sports betting. The way that Arizona’s legislation is set up, bills can be pre-filed before the session even begins, which means we could get a sneak peek of what an Arizona sports betting bill might look like before every upcoming legislative session.

Of course, if we do get news on the status of a sports betting bill, we’ll update this page so that you can stay in the know about the status of legal Payson Sportsbooks. As of now the most recent bill to make headlines in Arizona is AZ HB 1163. The bill would legalize sports wagering at Payson casino sportsbooks as well as through terminals set up in retail locations across the state. The bill has not been taken well with the Native American tribes in the state, which is why it has not passed quite yet. But, it has seen support from members of the AZ legislature which has many people hopeful for the future.

Now you’re probably wondering what sort of legal options you have for sports betting since there are no current Payson Sportsbooks open. We recommend that you use online, offshore sportsbooks if you would like to bet on sports in Arizona. These websites are operated by companies that are licensed and registered bookmakers. They are based out of countries that have already legalized sports betting, and under the careful supervision of gaming commissions.

These legal sports betting alternatives to land-based Payson Sportsbooks are going to be the best that can be offered until such a time as Arizona legalizes sports betting. For the best sportsbooks in Payson, AZ, we recommend using Bovada, BetOnline, or SportsBetting. These are the very best online sportsbooks we could find. They cover all professional and most collegiate games, have incredible betting limits and wager types to choose from, and best of all, accept Arizona Residents.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Bet At Payson Sportsbooks?

In order to bet on a game at Payson Sportsbooks, you have to be at least twenty-one years of age or older. This is the gambling requirement for everything in Arizona, whether its pari-mutuel wagering, sports betting, or just playing bingo. When it comes to using online, offshore sportsbooks in Payson, make sure that you are following the legal age to gamble in your state. There’s nothing worse than getting banned from the only legal type of sports betting available while you wait for land-based Payson sportsbooks to open.

Best Sportsbooks In Payson, AZ?

We know that you want to know which sportsbooks are the best sportsbooks in Payson, Arizona. Which is why we’ve done some research to figure out where land-based sports betting in Arizona may take place. It makes the most sense for Payson Sportsbooks to be run out of an already established business, rather than attempt to open in a stand-alone capacity. This would ensure that they have the financial fortitude to open and operate successfully right out of the gate. This is why we believe that the Mazatzal Hotel & Casino will be the home of potential Payson Sportsbooks in the near future.

Below, you’ll find a review of the currently operating casino and hotel. It’s important to know what you can find at these gambling venues so that you can plan your trip accordingly. You wouldn’t want to walk into a casino expecting thousands of games only to find out it’s got one slot machine and a really sleepy bartender. We will also use this review to assess the level of service you can expect from any Payson Sportsbooks that might open there. Until Payson Sportsbooks open officially, this will be speculative. But we will update it as soon as we are able to.

The best Sportsbooks in Payson, AZ right now though are online, offshore sportsbooks. These overseas companies are the only ones legally able to operate sports betting for AZ residents at the moment. To access these sites, all you need is some internet access, either at a computer or smartphone. The best Payson Sportsbooks are going to have full-service betting opportunities across all professional and collegiate sporting events. Whether you decide to go to a land-based sportsbook in Payson or decide that online is better, make sure that you are at the best Arizona sportsbooks in Payson for you.

Mazatzal Hotel & Casino

The Mazatzal Hotel & Casino is located conveniently off of Highway 87, amongst the cool pines of the Tonto National Forest. At 5,000 feet elevation, you’ll have nothing but gorgeous panoramic mountain views from any of the 200+ guest rooms. This beautiful resort has plenty for you to do, with a full schedule of live entertainment year-round, a resort style pool and fitness center, and rooms equipped with free high-speed internet.

When you make your way onto the casino floor, you’ll find more than 600 video and reel slot machines just waiting for you to hop on and give them a spin. With a wide array of slots and video gaming terminals, there’s something for everyone at this Arizona casino. If you’re a member of their rewards program, you can find yourself earning points for complimentary drink service, free plays, and so much more.

Blackjack tournaments are offered routinely at the Mazatzal Casino, and their tables are open daily from 10 am to 1 am. There are also live poker tables available with Hi/Lo Omaha and Texas Hold’Em. The dealers and casino employees are all highly trained in their fields. Anyone you speak with will be able to help you solve any problem or direct you to where you need to go in order for your problem to be solved. Payson Sportsbooks that open at this casino will offer the same elevated level of service. Expect to find the very best of everything from the Mazatzal Casino, home of the best Payson Sportsbooks.

This AAA-Three Diamond hotel has guest rooms with balconies and patios that allow you to take in all of your beautiful surroundings. Spend the evening relaxing by the stunning resort-style pool or play a round at the Apache Stronghold Golf Club. Guests of the casino can receive special packages that make this place almost too good to be true. What makes it even better is that all of this and more will be available once the San Carlos Sportsbooks open.

All of the incredible services you’ve come to expect from the Apache Gold Casino will be available to sports bettors. The incredible casino floor has plenty of room to accommodate San Carlos Sportsbooks. Barring any legislative restrictions, we believe that San Carlos Sportsbooks will be able to provide lines on both professional and collegiate events, giving you endless possibilities when it comes to sports betting in Arizona. Once opened, the San Carlos Sportsbooks at the Apache Gold are not only going to be the best sportsbooks in San Carlos, they’re going to be the best sportsbooks in Arizona, period.