How To Deposit With DirectPay

How To Deposit With DirectPayThere is a brand new way to load up your legal online sports betting accounts, and it’s called DirectPay. While it’s not yet at every major offshore sportsbook, many of the top Internet betting sites are starting to support the service, so it makes sense that lots of users will be curious about how to deposit with DirectPay.

Fortunately, using DirectPay to fund your betting account bankroll is very simple. In fact, it’s basically just like any other banking transaction, and you can use this platform three different ways while sports betting in Arizona, meaning that there are options for just about everyone. With DirectPay, you can deposit money into your online betting account easily and comparatively easy (when gauged against the methods it replaces). You can use DirectPay for electronic transfers, physical cash transfers, and bank wire transfers.

Electronic DirectPay Deposit

The most accessible and quickest way to use DirectPay is over the Internet. In order to initiate an electronic DirectPay deposit, you will need to have a bank account and access to said account via the Internet (which shouldn’t be a problem, as almost all US banks have online banking portals). Once you log into your bank account, simply use the email address, routing number, and any other pertinent data provided to you by your sportsbook. Then, simply wait for the transfer to go through. This should take only a couple of days at most, but transfer times can vary.

Of course, there are minimum and maximum daily deposit amounts that apply to this avenue, though they are fairly all-inclusive. The DirectPay electronic transfer minimum is $100, which is perfect for the vast majority of casual bettors, while the maximum daily limit is $9500. This range should cover almost all bettors’ needs.

Cash/Counter DirectPay Deposit

If you wish to use cash, there is a cash/counter DirectPay deposit available. For this, simply visit your bank in person and – this is key – request an “out of state” deposit slip. Then, just fill out all the pertinent data points and hand it back to the teller, with the cash included. Once you do this, DirectPay handles the rest, and you should see your funds show up at your sportsbook of choice within a few days.

Because of its lower daily limits, the cash/counter DirectPay option is suitable for first-time bettors and casual bettors. Via this route, you can transfer a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $2000 (per day) into your offshore sportsbook bankroll.

Bank Wire DirectPay Deposit

The final type of DirectPay funding method is the bank wire. A bank wire DirectPay deposit works the same way as a traditional bank wire transfer, only instead of your sportsbook being the recipient of the transfer, you send your money to DirectPay, who handles the legwork in a more efficient manner than most banks can provide. As such, these deposits can sometimes clear even faster than typical wire transfers. And like regular bank wires, there is no daily maximum for DirectPay bank wire transfers (though your sportsbook may set a daily minimum at its discretion). Thanks to having no maximum limit, this option is clearly intended for only the highest rollers.

Benefits Of DirectPay

- There are several benefits of DirectPay, though the biggest is probably the privacy it affords. Because DirectPay is a third-party intermediary, you can enjoy added anonymity when filling up your sports wagering account at Scottsdale sportsbooks.

- Another benefit of DirectPay is its ease of use and accessibility. Because you can use DirectPay in person with cash, online electronically, and even for making wire transfers, the service is suited to almost everyone, regardless of their financial situations. Nearly everybody can use DirectPay to fund their sports betting accounts!

Negatives Of DirectPay knows there are no real negatives of DirectPay to speak of. The only drawback for this service is the fact that it is still slower to use than credit or debit options, and it is not as anonymous as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. However, depositing with DirectPay is safer and faster than using the older methods it replaces. As such, many folks with memberships at online betting sites are sure to view DirectPay as the best deposit method for sports betting currently offered.